Projects - Examples of some of our recent projects

Optical Blocking Machine

"Blocking Machine" Loading System


Trays holding two lenses and a unique barcode are automatically loaded into one of five lanes in the conveyorised storage system where they wait in a queue. There are 16 trays in each lane giving a buffer storage capacity of 80 trays. ...more


Optical Tray Distribution

Fully Automatic Tray Distribution System


In this case the trays start their journey through the factory from a mezzanine floor where operatives load the trays with two lens blanks and full instructions as to the prescription to be produced in the form of a barcode printed on a card. ...more 


Optical Stores

Stores Delivery System


This system is situated at the end of the production line.  The lenses have been placed into boxes and need to be stored until they are dispatched to the customer.  They are stored in five fully automated stores. ...more


Plastic Slat Conveyor

Machine Delivery System


This manufacturing plant is very efficient but also very compact.  To solve the problem of access for engineers to set and maintain the lens manufacturing machines we have used our pneumatic lifts. ...more

Plastic Slat Conveyor



Glazing Area


This photo was of the Glazing area.  It shows trays being fed to operators for assembly (I.e. putting the cut lenses into he frames. ...more