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Optical Frame Assembly

Optical Frame Assembly

Optical Frame Assembly




Our Assembly and Quality Control (QC) Work Bench system allows trays to be continually fed to a line of operators.  The operators can sit at their bench and simply remove a job tray from the gravity feed conveyor next to them. 

A cell can be made up of a number of assembly benches.  The number would be depend on the production rate required from the line.  When assembly have completed their work, they place the job tray on the outfeed conveyor which will feed the tray to QC.  Then after QC have carried out there inspection, it is taken away on an outfeed conveyor and can be sent to packing and dispatch.

Colour sensors can be used to identify Rework for assembly and Rejects for QC.

The workbench is ergonomically designed.

  • Single main feed conveyor minimises floor space
  • Sensors and control make sure operators are continually fed work
  • Control and software system
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Design can be tailored to suit your preferences
  • HMI touch screen for easy operation
  • Emergency stop safety circuit
  • Pneumatic low pressure pushers for safe operator use
  • Optional line mimic with fault flags
  • Optional colour sensors for routing work to rework and reject stations
  • Typical speeds of up to around 250 trays per hour* based on 10 assembly benches

*Feed rates vary depending on the size and speed of the machines.