Vertical lifts are used for automatically transferring items between floors or to overhead conveyors. Their narrow cross section allows them to be situated in the most restricted spaces. Two types of standard lift conveyors are available. The single lift type which can cycle on demand for individual items and the continuous lift type which is most suitable for higher transfer rates. We can also supply lift conveyors to suit a specific requirement. Please consult our sales department for details of the many options available.



Pneumatic Lift

  • Interlocked clear polycarbonate guard doors

  • Control system

  • Emergency stops

  • Speeds u to 1m/sec.
  • End of stroke cushioning
  • Fully automatic load/unload



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Eight Single Lifts


Line of 8 single lifts, independently transferring product to and from high level conveyors to give engineers good access to production machines.

  • Lift 1 to 3m

  • Platforms 150mm to 450mm wide

  • Speeds up to 1m/sec..

  • End of stroke cushioning

  • Fully automatic load and unload.

  • Loads up to 10kg

  • Frame with 'tee' slots with 8mm fixings

  • Fully enclosed with clear polycarbonate guarding




Single Lifts For Trays

  • Used in glazing department to load and unload overhead conveyor, therefore giving clear access to the work-stations


Single Lift For Tote Bins

  • Used for tote bins 300mm x 400mm







Lift Platforms

  • Available with plain platform

  • Ball Table Platform

  • Roller conveyor platform

  • Driven belt conveyor platform