• Surfacing Stations Surfacing Stations Our conveyors feeding lenses to the surfacing stations
  • 3D CAD drawings 3D CAD drawings We design systems using 3D CAD software Solidworks. We are able to provide 3D drawings at the sales stage, which means customers can easily visualise the proposed system
  • Glazing Feed System Glazing Feed System Automatic tray feed to Glazing machines
  • Automatic Tray Distribution System Automatic Tray Distribution System Feeding work to Taping and Blocking. Machines with a high level Cooling track
  • Surfacing Cell Surfacing Cell Automatically feeding job trays to a line of Generators and Polishers
  • Overhead cooling Track Overhead cooling Track Conveyors can be installed above head height to save space and improve access to the process machines
  • Output to Despatch Output to Despatch Fully automatic sortation before despatch
  • Automatic Picking Feed System Automatic Picking Feed System Feeding boxed lenses to five automatic robotic stores
  • Glazing and Assembly Glazing and Assembly Fully Automatic tray feed to assembly operators and Quality Control
  • Lens Tray Stacker Lens Tray Stacker Fully automatic Lens Tray Stacking Machine at the end of a Spectacle Lens Line


About Us

MONK Optical Systems is a division of MONK Conveyors Limited. We are a privately owned British company established 25 years ago. We have been supplying systems to the Spectacle lens industry for the past 15 years, so we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge of this specialised industry. We have a very strong engineering background with a great deal of knowledge of both conveyor systems and machines.

Our handling systems are mainly built using our range of standard modules.  This means that a unique handling system mainly uses well proven modules enhancing the reliability and long life of your system.

3D Cad Drawings: Monk Conveyors designs systems using 3D CAD software Solidworks.  We are able to provide 3D drawings at the sales stage, which means customers can easily visualise the proposed system.  Complex layouts can be viewed from different angles, customers product can be shown on the system.  This brings to life the proposed solution and can also help the customer explain proposed changes to staff. Our 3D CAD is a valuable product to design and build the final system, allowing us to assemble components, build the system around your existing factory and highlight any potential problems.

Our systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics. Our installation and service team are always ready to give for full support and training both locally and internationally.

Our Goal is to provide cost effective solutions which add value to your business, and to leave you as a satisfied customer.



Video showing some of our recent projects

Typical 3D CAD layouts - Click on image for enlarged view




Examples of 3D CAD Drawings